Established in 2020

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Legrand Digital is a Kenyan leading Record Label company.

Best Record Label In Kenya

LeGrand Digital Ltd, also known as LeGrand Studio, is a dynamic and thriving music label currently operating as one of the leading record labels in East Africa. With a strong commitment to producing high-quality audiovisual content, our objective is to consistently deliver exceptional work and establish ourselves as one of the best in the industry.





Good Music To The World

Founded on January 14th, 2020, by the visionary entrepreneur Wasike Godfrey, widely known as Wasike the Great, LeGrand initially focused on video production and event management. However, recognizing the immense potential in the audiovisual realm, we underwent a comprehensive rebranding to emerge as a versatile and comprehensive audiovisual entity.

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Join us on this incredible journey as we create extraordinary experiences, inspire through music, and make a lasting impact on the East African music scene.

At LeGrand, we believe in the power of nurturing talent, and as such, we proudly offer an Artist Management Program. Our aim is to discover, develop, and support as many aspiring artists as possible, providing them with the necessary resources, guidance, and opportunities to shine in the music industry.

With a team of passionate professionals who possess unparalleled expertise, LeGrand Digital Ltd continually pushes the boundaries of creativity, surpassing expectations, and bringing ideas to life beyond imagination.

Legrand Digital is funded by the visionary entrepreneur Wasike Godfrey, widely known as Wasike the Great